We understand that each client will have a personal set of objectives and motivations for considering the purchase of a property, be it a main residence, a holiday home or a pure investment: whichever group they fall into, the Global Assets solution can help. 

We won’t promise unrealistic levels of rental return, we will agree and set a ‘target yield’ with each client exclusively depending on individual circumstances. We will then integrate the property into our proven rental process and work tirelessly to achieve returns in excess of that target.

Home Owners

As a ’homeowner’ looking for a main residence, a client may not be considering the possibility of ever renting the property out, however circumstances can change, a new job, a secondment for a period of time, all these could change their point of view. Here at Global Assets, we are able to offer clients looking for a fixed, or short-term rental period the same benefits as all our clients. This means that clients can be comfortable in the knowledge that for the period of rental, however brief, Global Assets will be looking after their interests and their property. 


Our ‘lifestyle’ clients are considered as those purchasing a property for limited personal use, and then actively looking to rent the property out for the remainder of the year. The period of personal use can be varied, and with advance planning, we are able to manage any period set by the client. Many of our competitors insist on setting a maximum number of weeks that the client is able to use their own property, as such imposing a restriction on the owner, however here at Global Assets we can provide a solution for any requirement.  

Pure Investor

If our client is a ‘pure investor’ making the purchase with little or no intention to use the property for personal use then they will expect to maximise their return on investment through ensuring the highest possible level of occupancy and room rate. There are a multitude of reasons why an investor, be they individual or corporate, choses one proposition over another, these can include the property location, the hotel or resort facilities, the future potential of the area, to name but a few. However, the main reason will invariably be to generate this return on investment, be that safe and stable for the cautious, or slightly more adventurous for those looking for a potentially higher return.

For the astute client, regardless of circumstances, a fully managed program delivering a ‘hands-off’ asset management solution is the ideal answer. Here at Global Assets, we are able to provide this comprehensive service, covering everything from room marketing and booking, key holding, check in/out, housekeeping and a full maintenance package.

In this way, we provide the client with the full solution, supported by a web-based portal where the client can monitor occupancy levels, future bookings and rental earnings. For clients looking for a complete peace of mind investment proposition, our solution ticks every box. From this asset management service, we are able to generate occupancy levels higher than other providers and this then drives demand and ultimately this demand protects and drives property values.

The combination of excellent rental returns and increasing property values leads to levels of return on investment significantly above average within the property investment marketplace. 


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Our Solutions

Global Assets has a solution to suit all eventualities and all clients.
We pride ourselves on being able to offer:

  • Return On Investment

    Return On Investment

    The combination of growing rental income and increasing demand delivers a total return on investment far in excess of market levels.

  • Flexibility


    All agreements are based on a set of standard terms, however each client is dealt with individually to match the clients’ needs.

  • Assurance


    With our flexible agreement, the client can be confident that income is assured to allow forward planning.

  • Choice


    Clients can choose a fixed or variable option depending on their personal goals.

  • Rental Returns

    Rental Returns

    Our platform creates greater awareness, more attraction, increased bookings and ultimately occupancy levels leading to higher rental returns, whilst protecting and growing room rates.

  • Exposure


    Links to over 360,000 travel agencies ensures clients properties remain in the forefront of travellers’ minds when looking to book holidays and breaks.

  • Understanding


    We know that different locations and property styles will deliver different occupancy levels, room rates and ultimately return on investment.

  • Consistency


    We focus on destinations that provide all year-round rental prospects, maximising the financial potential and ensuring consistency for the client.


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